Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc interviews Professor Ludwig Max Fischer about the work of Nobel prize winning author Hermann Hesse and other thinkers who wrote about living a fulfilled life that leads to harmonious completion.

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Johanne joan
1/8/2017 02:37:30 am

Sehr geehrter Herr Professor Ludwig Max Fischer,

my name is johanne joan, I am French citizen, my profession is Naturopath.

30 years ago I got the Gospel of Essen. From the moment I read it, I knew I had always been looking for it, then, even without this knowledge, I knew that the raw food is the highest quality of our food.

Although the NT is very similar with the Gospel of Essen, nevertheless on closer inspection, we can see that a gospel teaches the opposite of the other, the NT teaches the salvation of the soul over grace and the crucifixion of Jesus, the Gospel of the Essenes The salvation of the soul over the renewed purity of the soul, which consists in being in harmony with the Elements.

The deviations from the Holy Father's love, which we know from the Letter to the Corinthians, have made me think, for the text, which was much longer, not torn out of context, as in the New Testament, and then came the decisive point: This Song of Songs should have been written by Paul, the phrase but: "... if I all the fire that I got from my father ..." made me think, because only Jesus spoke of his father. And then it was clear to me that it was not Paul was spoken the words, but the man who crossed the land of Israel in the first century.

From then on, a lot of questions piled up, which I followed.
I discover a certain repeated method of modification of meaning, which showed all the same motivation, that is, with the same words, to change the message of the Essenes. After seven years of research,

I managed to write the results of my research in a trilogy. It is a scientific work which shows how the counterfeiters of the Gospel of Essen has proceeded and with which motives.

I mentioned that I have succeeded in finding the method that the counterfeiters have falsified the gospel of the Essenes.

The sensational is that the scrolls that are found in the caves of Qumran was selected with the same principle with which the NT was falsified. This fact proves my discovery and that the scrolls was not deposited there by the Essenes, because they were chosen according to the same principle as the falsification of the New Testament by the Romans, among other things, to underline the overarching position of Mother Earth and healthy nutrition.

This fact is the keystone that holds the results of my research and proves that the Romans have deposited the scrolls in Qumran to confuse and disorient the future generations. It proves, that the Essenes have not lived in Qumran, but that there was a Roman base.

I know that many have been waiting that the authenticity of the Gospel of Essen is recognized by the world. And the time has come for now.

We know how important this way of life is to build the real peace in the world, and we wish that as many people as possible experience this message. What I have managed to prove, namely, that the New Testament is a plagiarism of the Essenes Gospel, is unique in the whole history.

I am a private person with limited possibilities, so I am writing to ask for a support for the publication of my work by people who have the same conviction as me.

I'm just about to translate my trilogy in English and I would be glad to have aroused your interest and to hear from you.


Best regards

johanne joan


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